It's not
trash anymore.

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Curbside Recycling in all of Statesboro and most subdivisions within two miles of the bypass

About Curbside recycling

What We Offer

We recycle 100% of your waste plastic! We don't simply pickup your recycling and take it to someone else, we process it and manufacture new items! Each new customer will receive a recycling bin. Service is $28 per month for a weekly pickup. The more customers we have the cheaper we can make this service, so we appreciate your business!

What We Accept

We are currently accepting all plastics, glass bottles, metal food containers, and metal drink containers. Items do not have to be separated in the bin, but we ask you to rinse all food and drink items.

Who Can SignUp?

We are currently offering service to Statesboro and most subdivisions withing two miles of the bypass. Call us to find out if your address is being serviced.

Over 5,150 pounds of plastic processed so far!

Our Next Recycling Drop Off Will Be August 10!

Trinity Episcopal Church

4401 Country Club Rd, Statesboro, GA 30458


Hours 9am - 12 noon



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About Us

Recycling in Statesboro

In October of 2018 a Bulloch County man learned that plastic would no longer be accepted at the local recycling center. So, he developed machines and methods for processing waste plastic. Realizing he could process far more than what his family used, he began a pilot curbside recycling service.  Boro Recycling was founded in December of 2018 and has collected and processed over 1,200 pounds of plastic to date. 

Not Just A Pickup Service

Many "recycling" companies simply pass off items to vendors or throw away much of what they collect. But, not Boro Recycling! Not only do we pickup recylables, we also process all of the plastics and glass we collect and use the material to create consumer products! All right here in Bulloch County!

Permanent Solutions

Did you know that on average even recycled plastic finds its way to a landfill in less than two years? We use proprietary machines and methods to create products from plastic that will last generations. Did you know that an average of 30% of plastics taken by recycling companies are thrown away? We recycle over 99% of everything we collect. It's not trash anymore!